4D : Drift / Drive / Dig Or Roll / Display

The idea behind the event is most of us own cars that can blitz what is legal on the road or the car itself is modified beyond road rules or a track only car. This event gives drivers the opportunity to drive their cars to their potential whether it be going fast in a straight line or fast around corners or to drift or a mix of them all. It is not about competition , no winner or prizes either formal or informal for the driving parts of the event. The event is for entrants to have fun in their cars in the safest possible way.

There will be trophies for the static show car part of the event. For all static show entrant info please see the Tuned event page

Drift or Drive.

Blue is best described as a mix of drifting crossed with a drive day crossed with a hill climb.
No timing or competition
Some cars will drive parts and drift parts.
Some cars just drift and some cars that just drive.
There is no requirement that you must drift or drive.
The requirement is that you do not drive slowly. It is not a race but it is not a cruise.
You need to be moving and not slowing down in the corners to do power skids on the straights. Cars will be released from the start line (the blue line) in singles, pairs or groups pending what the entrants would like to do.
With a gap between, pending the previously released cars or car. Cars can drive or drift turns 2,3,4,5,6,14 and,15. cars can drift into turn 15 and through turn 15 exit for 50 meters then slow down to exit the circuit.
see the yellow line between turn 15 and turn 16 for circuit exit.

Dig or Roll.
Green on the main straight
You can choose to run from the Dig being a stationary start.
Or from the Roll being a rolling start
No timing or competition or elimination.
Just line up and get as many runs as possible for the time given.
The 4 yellow lines are
1 random dig
2 mates dig
3 random roll
4 mates roll
Entrants go into the lines they want pending which option they want.
To line up your mate line up in front or behind them from the Dig.
For entrants that would want to start from the dig (dig being stationary)
The starter would get the drivers to stop on the start line once both cars have the front wheel on the line.
The starter would then walk to either the left or right of the track and flash on a torch to start the drivers. From the roll.
Drivers would stop at a point approximately 50 to 80 meters before the dig start line.
Then drive together to be at between 35 to 45 Km/ph.
Just before they cross the dig start line. If they are within approximately half a meter the starter will turn the green light on.
If they are not within half a meter or one driver has accelerated early the starter will turn on the amber light showing that one driver jumped the start. The red light will only be used to show that the track is closed or not running due to some sort of stoppage or issue ,eg oil down or other.

Grey on the map is the braking areas for both drift or drive and dig or roll. Red is a slow zone as the 2 different activities are using the same entry back to the pit area. At the start of the red zones there will be barriers that make chicanes used to slow cars down and funnel cars into a tight 1 lane. Drivers MUST drive at 20km/h or less as cars are oncoming to each other using the same circuit exit. Tuned will be running their JDM Festival on the grandstand side of the straight in the north pit and half of the south pit.

Maximum entrant capacity numbers for driving activities:
100 for the straight line.
50 for the drift /drive.
32 for the skid pan.

Cars could be registered or unregistered as long as they comply with requirements.

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